What makes us different than other non-invasive aesthetic companies? 


In one word, our purpose. 


Choose Your Skinny was named in fun, with the sole intention to grab your attention, make you laugh, and get you curious. Most of us struggle in one way or another with body image and it’s negative impact on our mental health. We struggle with nurturing a healthy sense of self (i.e., understanding that our bodies do not define us, that we are more than a physical body); we also tend to struggle cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves (i.e., speaking to and treating ourselves with kindness and compassion).


Choose Your Skinny was created to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your physical body in ways that are safer than, dare-I-say, more traditional methods, such as food restriction, over-exercise, inappropriate use of laxatives and or stimulants, self-induced vomiting, and others that damage the body.


Unsafe efforts to *alter our appearance can result in malnutrition, a disrupted metabolism, and even more dangerous health repercussions like permanent heart damage or organ failure. In addition, there is mental and emotional damage that can arise from the use of these methods. We may find ourselves criticizing, shaming, and punishing ourselves for the lack of success these methods tend to offer, or worse, we may find ourselves battling depression, anxiety, and or an eating disorder.


Choose Your Skinny is designed to offer support in ways that are more in sync with societal demands for instant gratification AND in ways that foster a healthy relationship with your body and your self.


M-F      10am - 6pm

Sat       10am-3pm

Sun      11am - 3pm

phone:   214.273.1340

e-mail: info@chooseyourskinny.com

Frisco, Tx 75034

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