Anti-Aging and skin rejuvenation

The benefits of red light therapy include anti-aging properties due to

  • Increased circulation, via the formation of new capillaries, is responsible for some benefit, as more blood and oxygen deliver proper nutrients to damaged areas in the body

  • Enhanced activity within your lymph system leads to a reduction in swelling and inflammation

  • Increased collagen production, which directly relates to the elasticity, firmness, and fullness of your skin

  • Increased collagen production due to stimulated fibroblasts via the release of cytokines

  • Enhanced circulation through the formation of new capillaries


Red light therapy restores healthy cellular function and enhances cellular performance, stimulating the production of collagen.  By helping to restore natural cellular function, there’s a good chance that the consistent use of red light therapy will leave you looking and feeling rejuvenated.


The FDA has approved light therapy for the treatment of the reduction of wrinkles, joint pain and arthritis, and many other conditions.

Red Light therapy has been studied extensively, with clinically-proven health benefits, including fat loss, improved in skin tone, clarity and complexion while diminished...
Red Light Therapy Single-Session
10 min

Get younger looking skin without the use of toxic chemicals or botox. Cryo Facial treatments can be used to treat aging and various skin symptoms by increasing cell rejuvenation, improving skin tone, reducing signs of wrinkles, promoting skin tightening and boosting collagen levels.


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